Appointment Info

Upon receiving a phone referral from your Primary Care Physician, we will mail out a packet which includes the appointment date and time, a Welcome letter, maps to our location and patient information forms.

Parent/Guardians will need to fill out the patient information forms and bring them to the appointment with at least one parent/guardian's current photo ID such as a driver's license, passport, work photo ID, law enforcement photo ID, U.S. Military photo ID or any other photo ID that includes the parent/guardian's full name.  The patient's insurance card will also be needed.

Our office checks insurance coverage prior to your child's appointment and will be notifying you of the copay or portion of your open deductible that is required at the beginning of the appointment. 

Many health insurance carriers now require a Prior Authorization for an Echocardiogram test.  It is the responsibility of your Primary Care Physician to contact your insurance carrier for this authorization.  Please make sure your Primary Care Physician has received this authorization and has called our office to share the corresponding Prior Authorization number. 

If your child is due to have an echocardiogram test, please feel free to bring their favorite DVD with you for entertainment as this test is approximately one half hour long.  We also have a fun selection of cartoon movies to choose from.

There is no required "preparation" for any of the tests we may perform on our patients, so eating and normal taking of medications prior to the appointment is permitted.

Any patient arriving past their appointment time may be rescheduled.  Thank you for helping us ensure a timely start to your visit at Pediatric Cardiology of Michiana!